[right auditive nerve a labour pains] – of origin of _ pathogeny _

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[right auditive nerve a labour pains] – of origin of _ pathogeny _

Article introduction

Because,be all round ear and auditive interior has the innervation that develop, just make human body auditive changeA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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So sensitive. And the nerve all round ear and a person also have affinity between other organ, so auditive nerve appears the word of the problem its are serious and sequential self-evident. Ear is the area that height of a nerve develops, so human body ear also is a very sensitive area. But right auditive nerve blast can you be what reason is caused smartly?

 Right auditive nerve a labour pains

Ear ministry feels nerve is very rich, and also have connection with the nerve of adjacent organ, soShanghai Long Feng forum

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Otalgia besides the symptom that is ear itself disease, the reflection sex otalgia that happens possibly also for the disease of adjacent organ. The reason with the mainest otalgia is inflammation. External auditory meatus is phlogistic namely ear furuncle is swollen with tympanitis of acute fester sex two kinds. Two kinds of otalgia are more acuteness, the person that weigh can affect Morpheus, but aching property differs somewhat again.

 Right auditive nerve a labour pains

Because of Eustachian tube cannot pressure of air of proper adjustment and change ear inside and outside, make pressure of inside and outside comparatives, vacuum is formed inside ear of as a result, action go up at tympanic membrane, cause ache. Not likely is earache, the likelihood is dental problem is caused, or paranasal sinus infection, neuralgic or with fluctuation jaw the disease is concerned. Right now, the head should be lifted as far as possible tall, the head is inclined recumbent meeting makes earache aggravate. Additional, will twist dry hot towel apply to be on ear, every two hours, every time ten minutes or so. Heat mineral oil a bit to lukewarm, the burette that use side oily drop to ear slowly inside, if feel a liquid to flow from ear, do not drip again. The thing flows is good actually, beatLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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The meeting when film gets hurt has pus to flow, have admonitory effect.

Should prevent ear neuralgic, at ordinary times food should have the law, the alternative is simple soft chew food easily, because mastication causes aching patient, should eat stream feed, break cannot eat product of deepfry content and excitant food, sea and hot sex food to wait. Food wants nutrition to abound, should eat more at ordinary times some contain a vitamin to abound reach detoxify of fire having Qing Dynasty to makeFall in love with the sea

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Used provision. Eat fresh fruit vegetable to reach moreShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The beans is made kind, eat fat less to eat lean lean more, food with delicate give priority to. Have a meal, conversation, brush one’s teeth wash a face to wash the behavior movement such as the dress to want soft spot, lest cause auditive nerve ache.

 Right auditive nerve a labour pains

Notice the head and facial heat preservation even, prevent local catch cold catch cold sufferring aspic, do not use too cold or too hot bath face. Should maintain a mood at ordinary times stable and gentle, hear soft music more, the music that does not hear manic passion and Thespian, lest mood1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Excited bring about scathing ear nerve, maintain enough sleep and happy spirit, avoid to touch as far as possible spark dot, maintain indoor environment quiet grace is neat, indoor air should current. Still have attend athletic sports appropriately, exercise function and enhance a constitution.

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