[whites is great stiff silk having blood] – of reason of _ of _ belt blood

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[whites is great stiff silk having blood] – of reason of _ of _ belt blood

Article introduction

Serving as a normal female leucorrhoea and menstruation is very normal existence, also be to make at the same time mostly the thing that the female perplexes, when leucorrhoea thick stiff while still containing the hematic silk of a few basically is existence the possibility of two respects. The first can secrete much material in the female’s menstruation namely, at the same time meeting be mingled with is worn among leucorrhoea a few classics blood; The 2nd also can make when inflammation of occurrence department of gynaecology namely hematic silk appears among leucorrhoea. Accordingly from begin to be about to undertake precautionary in this respect daily.

Whites is great stiff silk having blood

1. understands and master menstrual physiology knowledge and wholesome knowledge, notice menses health care and period sanitation.

Excessive overworked avoids during 2. bleeds, rest more; Want to maintain local cleanness, prevent to feelForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Catch; Can grant when bellyacke is heavy abdominal hot compress; Maintain mood stability at the same time. Usually strengthens put oneself in another’s positionForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Yo takes exercise, enhance a constitution.

3, enhance strength: Insist to take exercise, enhance a constitution to raise oneself the resistance to the bacteria, the Morpheus that keeps good, food is reasonable as far as possible much edible a few food that contain a lot ofa vitamin.

4, choice cotton qualitative briefs: Choose cotton qualitative briefs as far as possible when choosing briefs, avoid to wear nylon briefs, because cotton is qualitative,briefs can hold private part Gan Shuang is ventilated.

Whites is great stiff silk having blood

5, avoid frequent sexual life: Do not have frequent sexual life action, because frequent sexual life or meeting increase the infection odds of the bacteria. Answer during this in menses, gestation and puerperium especiallyShanghai Long Feng forum

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Should prohibit sexual life. What should hold private part at ordinary times is clean, do not wash communal tub, want to have appropriative sanitation articles for use.

6, mentation: Show according to clinical investigation, long1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Time psychology is depressed or pressure also is to bring about a leucorrhoea is unusual main reason greatly, because this female wants to maintain good mentation, do not give oneself too great pressure, proper him relaxation. Avoid as far as possible huffish and overexcited, impatient.

Whites is great stiff silk having blood

7, use all the time defendFall in love with the sea

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Unripe protect mat: Some females friend fears leucorrhoea is flyblown briefs or be disinclined to wash briefs, ferial always protect with sanitation mat, this is a kind of very wrong way. If not be,should not want to be protected with sanitation as far as possible between the later period before menstruation mat, inflammation should clean clean vulva with drive snow in the evening everyday, change briefs. Additional, also do not clean the vagina with all sorts of medicine fluid, become the core place that can destroy the vagina instead so, as a result produces vaginitis.

8, fixed Fu check: Although do not have any unwell also should check regularly, had better do every year at leastForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Check-up of comprehensive department of gynaecology.

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