[armour is decreased can have a fish] _ fish _ can eat –

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[armour is decreased can have a fish] _ fish _ can eat –

Article introduction

Decreasing a phenomenon as a result of armour is a kind of chronic illness, so at ordinary times food should add an attention more, eat some of nourishing food more, but is armour decreased can you have a fish? Armour is decreased namely the circumstance of hypothyroidism, armour decreases a patient to should notice at ordinary times food, want to eat some of food that contains iodine more, fish also is armour it is OK to decrease a patient the food of edible, have rich protein. Nevertheless, no matter which kinds of food, armour decreases a patient to want reasonable take food.

Armour is decreased can have a fish

The food and drink that armour reduces is no-no

1, compensatory and right amount iodic

Home uses every 2 kilogram to add 1 gram iodine to change potassium to 10 kilogram salt commonly, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Prevention and cure of in order to is strumous big, make incidence of a disease drops apparently, apply to local strumous fashionable district. In addition, opposite Yo woman should notice the complement of iodic salt more, prevent to contract Ke Ting disease because of the mother’s body is short of iodine and bringing about the child.

Because be short of the nail that iodine causes to decrease, armour decreases the vegetable that should eat to need to choose right amount kelp, laver, bag of knead dough of usable iodic salt, iodic soy, iodic egg adds iodine. Want to notice when the fried dish, appropriate of iodic salt wood is put into boil oil, lest iodine volatilizes and reduce iodic concentration.

Armour is decreased can have a fish

2, photographForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Take full amount protein

Each everyday protein intake exceeds 20 grams at least, ability maintains human body protein to balance. Amino acid is the main part that forms protein, in human body dailySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
About the protein of 3% is updated ceaselessly. Armour is decreased make small intestine mucous membrane updates speed to decelerate, body suffers digestive juice secretory influence, enzymatic vigor drops, albumin drops, reason should complement indispensible and amino acid, supply full amount is protein, improve a patient’s condition.

Protein complement is optionalLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum
With the egg kind, breast kind, all sorts of flesh kind, protein of fish; vegetable but complementary, wait like all sorts of bean products, soya bean.

Armour is decreased can have a fish

Armour decreases the 3 great harms to the body

1, cardiovascular system: Heart Lv slow, heart sounds is low weak, heart shows catholicity to expand, often accompany intentional bag to accumulate albumen of candy of strut of fiber of the fluid, cardiac muscle after also having a disease, mucous sex deposit and qualitative fiber is changed say armour decreases pathological changes of sexual cardiac muscle.

2, reproductive system: The man can appear below sexual function, sexual maturity is deferred, deputy sex character is backward, sexual desire drops, bolus of impotent He Gao is atrophic. Female but menstruate is not moved, classics blood overmuch or amenorrhoea, general and infecund. Function of Yo of male woman student suffers an effect.

3, muscle and joint system: Muscle systole and flabby all ache of muscle of slow defer, constant feeling, inflexible, bone metabolizes slow, bone is formed with absorb all decrease, joint is ineffective, have rigidity feeling, suffer cold hind aggravating, be like chronic arthritis, articulatory antrum to accumulate fluid.

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