100 greaten Ga hare MOBA ” endless war zone ” road Easter appears on Yasida

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  • 2019年6月10日
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100 greaten Ga hare MOBA ” endless war zone ” road Easter appears on Yasida

MOBA of movement of distance Netease 3D ” endless war zone ” not open of cutout archives test still has the time that is not worth a month, the near future as more and more new version words come out, to checking this to whether had been been full of did everybody expect? Be in yesterday, the government released a paschal Yasida the thematic H5 of the road, the player in the activity can make the painted eggshell of all sorts of attribute for the friend, the player that receives painted eggshell can see the other side is the model that he designs, there is no lack of among them the road gues-stars Yasida the other hero inside game, and IP of famous motion picture is like super hero, Ha Libo to be waited a moment especially, whether adumbrative ” endless war zone ” will roll out these fashionable dress?

In the Yasida in this second activity the road gues-starred 17 nets red part, include Er of Chu Yin hare, Zhu Di hare, blessing among them rub this hare, silver-colored hare, Xiong Ben hare, dead serve hare these films and the figure with 2 well-known dimension, still have small Zemali even in addition the more and interesting part such as hare, addiction hare is joined among them, added many interest sexes for whole activity.

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