” Apex hero ” : History on most the game with wonderful essence of life is issued one of

” Apex hero ” : History on most the game with wonderful essence of life is issued one of

Make by renascence recreation, EA issues ” Apex hero ” be in flashy the attention that claimed whole game market, it is the angle that still watchs from amuse oneself no matter. Actually, our data showed it is Feburary most game is watched on Twitch, always when grew to had achieved 63.7 million hours, and its player group amount is huge, covered many core market. This game fell to be released suddenly in the circumstance that is without omen on Feburary 4, the market that there are any forms almost before this is publicized. But this eat gallinaceous game freely to be not in the success between one night accidental: It results from the emission with a wonderful essence of life strategy and perfect execution. ” Apex hero ” appearing is us the execution that has seen is gotten most the game with wonderful essence of life releases one of incident. Come from game mechanism say, it goes 5 years from whole industry a derive in the most successful game type is inspirational, will ” seek to live on absolutely ” and ” the night of fort ” eat chicken to play law and ” keep watch pioneer ” , ” gun fire You Xia ” such hero shoots game union to rise. The actual strength tha上海贵族宝贝论坛

t the actual performance of game had proved him — the CEO article of Respawn this · admire pulled the player measure that announces it recently to be achieved inside a week 25 million, at the same time online peak value was achieved 2 million. We will use Newzoo in the article ” game direct seeding tracks a service ” and ” PC game tracks a service ” , explain how it drew the attention of whole game industry. Jump over the market before releasing to publicize, make full use of top class game advocate sowed audience in recent years, game direct seeding has become one of a lot of game is successful main factors on the market, include ” keep watch pioneer ” , ” the hero is allied ” , ” seek to live on absolutely ” and ” the night of fort ” . If famous game advocate sow be in all the time direct seeding a game, this game will naturally make a successful work. EA and Respawn noticed direct seeding and game advocate sow to eating chicken kind the impetus that game produces, announcing external so ” Apex hero ” before invite Shroud to wait famous advocate in sowing the inchoate development process that participated in game. EA and Respawn still are made public in game and go up one is held to be aimed at before the line advocate sow try play an activity. Since release, ” Apex hero ” all maintaining on Twitch and YouTube Gaming channel everyday first position grows when watching. Track a source to show according to our game direct seeding, from during be being released to Feburary 14, when always be being watched, it grows on Twitch achieved 63.7 million hours. This is occupied exceeded ” the hero is allied ” 55.4 million hours are mixed ” the night of fort ” 53.3 million hours. In ” Apex hero ” release that day, the game with many the most popular whole world advocate sow, include Shroud, Ninja and DrDisrespect to wait inside, when watching, grow what was it to bring more than 1.6 million hours on Twitch. The following day, when watching, grow of game achieved before today nearly 4 times (6.3 million hours) . Watch a circumstance to glided somewhat on Feburary 7 (5.1 million hours) , but in be in ascendant posture all the time subsequently, reached peak value 8.3 million h爱上海

ours on Feburary 12. Instantly, it still does not have the omen that any heat drop. Among them Shroud is become the most welcome ” Apex hero ” advocate sow, when always be being watched, grow than other sport advocate sow at least 2.5 times more. ” Apex hero ” storm engulfs global game market perfect storm: Draw a lesson from inside existing game besides with game advocate sow first strategy besides, this game still was brought to have gallinaceous game kind many use sexual improvement easily. In this kind of game, communicating is the essential element that group group game wants to score a success, but not be all players have ear wheat news report. ” Apex hero ” carry game inside ” announcement ” system, let a player need not speech speech also can undertake communication, this may is revolutionary in this one type. Another doorsill of this kind of game, it is the opportunity that the player has a life only in game, if they are eliminated, cannot continue in the match, and ” Apex hero ” allow a上海千花网论坛

player to be revived by teammate after be eliminated thoroughly, will continue to participate in game. This one abrupt issuance also is to reduce the negative opinion of player and media at the same time, ceng Youda measured a player to make echo to free game and random case erecting machine in the past not beautiful. EA has greatly to this experience, be in ” strategic defense initiative: Warlike front 2 ” after put on sale, game ever encountered many negative comment. “We this is a free game, have open box randomly, we had been bought by EA now, and also not be ” Tai Tan fall from the sky 3 ” . Below such circumstance market sale plan appears extremely likely problem, so why be done even? Be inferior to releasing game directly, let a player had played. ” the chief producer that this making heart Lew Maikaoyi (Drew McCoy) express so in be interviewed of the near future. This game advocate sow first promotion and sale strategy, impose the game system with excellent design and free operation pattern, attracted many PC player. Show according to source of our PC game data, arrive 10 days from Feburary 6, this game attracted the game market with the biggest whole world (receive sort by battalion) the core PC player that exceeds 1/5, include t爱上海同城论坛

he United States (the core PC player of 21% ) , Japan (2上海千花网论坛

3% ) , England (21% ) with France (20% ) . Had played in the United States ” Apex hero ” in player of core PC game, 22% also have play ” the night of fort ” , 14% also had played ” fear elite instead: Global offensive ” , 10% also had played ” keep watch pioneer ” — this is meant ” Apex hero ” user group having not small coincide with the game that brings inspiration for its. ” Apex hero ” in China ” Apex hero ” upsurge also came to China. In the past in a week, this game already overtook in the heat that fights a fish to go up ” Dota2 ” and ” pass through live wire ” , force continuously ” DNF ” . Nevertheless relatively at market of other core game, ” Apex hero ” the player number that is in China is relative less — the player of domestic core PC of 9% had played this game to 10 days on Feburary 6 — ” seek to live on absolutely ” still be home’s at present most welcome game eating chicken. ” Apex hero ” next? Below the tendency of the market that values service game more and more currently, EA and Respawn are in with a view to amuse oneself, watch and electronic 爱上海同城手机版

athletics respect is ” Apex hero ” make long-term plan. Present game development had had capable strategy — EA and Respaw already were ” Apex hero ” the development blue print that made the first year, will arrive from now the end of the year rolls out new content continually this year, include battle permit (with ” the night of fort ” similar) , and new weapon, part and adornment. As a whole, ” Apex hero ” be from ” the night of fort ” since, enter the most driving participator of market of game eating chicken.

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