[why is Lu Hui met erubescent? ] – of reason of _ aglow _

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[why is Lu Hui met erubescent? ] – of reason of _ aglow _

Article introduction

Well-known, major plant is green, for instance Lu Hui, it is emerald green color, put in the home very beautiful, cut already expert again. Of course, some other peoples cultivateSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Aloe is not green, however gules, then somebody thinks this kind of Lu Hui is not true Lu Hui, probable it is other species. Actually Lu Hui is red also is normal, so why is Lu Hui met erubescent?

Why is aloe met erubescent?

The first,

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At drought, if summer is long-term do not water, aloe lamina is met aglow, irrigate right now show water can. Water regularly later, when soil cannot become a group, was about to water.

The 2nd,

Water overmuch, the root rotted, this kind of circumstance also can bring about blade aglow. Uproot Lu Hui right now come, cut off the part that rots, shady and cool place reinserts after air a little in the soil of moisture moderate.

The 3rd,

Illumination can cause blade too by force aglow. Although aloe likes sunshine, dan Taijiang’s illumination also has harm to Lu Hui. The Lu Hui with feral south Africa Xie Jian, because south Africa illumination is too strong,be reason. Solve method to put Lu Hui namely appropriately the place of block shade, prevent long-term sun point-blank.

Why is aloe met erubescent?

The 4th,

Winter suffers aspic to be able to cause blade aglow. Winter temperature is low, want a Lu Hui to put indoor pass the night in the evening. If under 5 ℃ , put it as far as possible by day indoor and pervious to light place.

The 5thShanghai Long Feng forum

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If be potted Lu Hui, blade also is flowerpot likely aglow too small, root system twines aloe to be caused too much. Option year season changes it big basin to be able to be solved.

How does aloe leaf do aglow

Aloe leaf is a kind of common phenomenon aglow. Represent Lu Hui aglow grow appeared problem, as long as can accurate find out a problem be in and undertake corresponding processing, aglow leaf also is OK virescent.

Aloe appears the circumstance with aglow leaf should check a ministry to have above all without cankered phenomenon, once root ministry is cankered, leaf is met subsequently aglow. If root department is whole, that is OK 5 kinds of circumstances keep abreast of under reference a corresponding processing:

Why is aloe met erubescent?

The first, illumination is too strong. Aloe is green plant of light of a kind of happy event, smooth note of Dan Taijiang produces harm to Lu Hui. Want to solve this one problem, ought to move Lu Hui the place that puts proper be shadedby foilage, do not let its be exposed for a long time in sunshine straight quiver.

The 2nd, too arid. If the summer cannot be decidedForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Period water, the leaf of aloe is met slowly erubescent. Want to irrigate water for Lu Hui only right now, make its drenched can, also need to water regularly later.

The 3rd, water overmuch. Water1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Bring about a ministry easily to decay too much, cause aloe leaf thereby aglow. Should pull out Lu Hui only right now will cut off the root ministry that rots, place its next in shady and cool place a little air is cultivated afresh again can.

The 4th, winter suffers aspic. Bad aloe of too low easy aspic brings about winter temperature its lamina is aglow. Because this winter should place Lu Hui by day,be in pervious to light place, in the evening1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Should place Lu Hui indoors.

The 5th, flowerpot is too small. Aloe root system develops, if cultivate Lu Hui’s flowerpot too small can make its root system excessive twine bring about blade then aglow. When producing this kind of situation, want to change Lu Hui big basin in year season only can.

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