[nettle rash suits what to eat] _ eats _ how to eat –

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[nettle rash suits what to eat] _ eats _ how to eat –

Article introduction

Nettle rash patient is to should want those who take seriously to be caused to his dietary problem at ordinary times, because have a few food,can bring about allergic accentuation, for instance seafood and fish, these feed capable person is common allergen, do not suit edible of nettle rash patient. Nettle rash patient had better be to eat the vegetable such as a few carrot and cucumber, and should note individual sanitation problem and clad problem, as soon as possible treat good urticaria.

Nettle rash suits what to eat

This kind of disease does not have nettle rash to send ill crowd specificly, but its cure a gender very tall, and without infectivity. The patient often can show very apparent symptom, especially acute urticaria. The meeting on the patient’s skin has the wind group that size differs, and the patient can feel special coquettish is urticant. If friends got patients,nettle rash must be treated in time, also want to add an attention more on food of course. It everybody is taken to understand nettle rash patient to eat what vegetable below is good that everybody is taken to understand nettle rash patient to eat what vegetable below.

What recommend to everybody above all is carrot. If the patient’s taste is very healthy, can eat a few carrot more so. It not only the effect that can have to enhance strength, and still have fall candy falls the effect of fat, often eating cross-eye eyeball also have profit very much.

Nettle rash suits what to eat

It is oily that the 2nd kind wants what recommend to everybodyShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Dish. Rape has fall very well hematic fat effect, Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Often the effect that edible still can have to prevent cancer to fight cancer. To nettle rash patient it is the effect that reasonable edible cole still can have to discharge poison.

The 3rd kind wants what recommend to everybody is cucumber. Cucumber is one kind very nourishing is vegetable, it is in a lot of places1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Also call cucumber green perhaps melon. It is having in our country very long crop the history, people often the effect that edible cucumber can have to fight consenescence. But if patient itself is in diarrhoea, so cucumber as far as possible do not eat.

Nettle rash suits what to eat

Should giving everybody introduction a kind of vegetable finally is celery, celeryShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Also be called celery in a lot of places or medical Qin, it contains rich B a group of things with common features vitamin and carotene, of course it also contains natrium of iron of microelement calcic phosphor to wait. Patient friends often take this kind of vegetable to be able to rise to prevent cancer very well to fight cancerous action. Proper to female friends edible celery still can raise hematic filling empty.

It is OK to can see nettle rash patient from above paragraphs muchForum of Shanghai night net

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Greenery vegetable, celery, cucumber, cole, carrot suit a patient to eat very much. This kind of vegetable edible is proper and OK let a patient become more strong. Patient friends besides want reasonable edible vegetable besides, return the convention that should hold delicate food. Those who need an attention is the patient is during sicken must pussyfoot of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, and should have hair thing less.

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