[cough can eat laver] _ of infection of _ respiratory tract can eat –

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[cough can eat laver] _ of infection of _ respiratory tract can eat –

Article introduction

Cough is the healthy problem that a kind of a lot of people can appear, when cough, the patient also can appear huge is unwell feeling. To cough patient, in dietary respect be attention of need much home. So, can cough eat laver? Actually, cough can take laver, the element such as the iron in laver and calcium to cough patient have profit very much. Besides, the food below also is helped somewhat to cough symptom.

Can cough eat laver

1, soup of ginger of brown sugar garlic

When sufferring from chill to catch a cold, return companion to have cough, can use ginger 3 ~ 5, children 1 ~ 2, garlic 10 valve of 7 ~ , children 3 valve of 2 ~ , half spoon boils brown sugar together, want small fire to boil 10 minutes, boil the piquancy of the head of garlic, such effects are good.

2, evaporate garlic water

Take garlic 10 valve of 7 ~ , OnLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Children 5 valve of 3 ~ , pat broken, put into the bowl, add half bowls of water, put a crystal sugar, cap is imposed on the bowl, evaporate goes in putting bowl, evaporate of fire of the make down after big baked wheaten cake leaves 15 minutes can. Already did not iron when the garlic water in the bowl, more lukewarm when drink below, garlic need not eat, a day of 2 ~ 3, sex of smaller part bowl, garlic is lukewarm, enter taste, lobar classics, treat cold sex cough, effect of kidney empty cough is first-rate, and convenient and simple.

Can cough eat laver

3, end of sesame oil ginger scrambles egg

Put sesame oil of one small spoon fry pan inside, jiang Mo is put after oily heat, pass in oil a bit, immediately fries divide evenly into an egg, in face heat is taken the advantage of to eat before sleeping below, eat every night, insist to eat on a few days, can see apparent effect.

4, pear of rock candy of Chinese prickly ashWater

Pear, abluent, rely on petiole traverse incision, dig go after intermediate nucleus, put 20 Chinese prickly ash, 2 rock candy, spell pear upside had been opposite, put a bowl in, on boiler evaporate is controlled half hours can, the adult eats, children can be divided second eat. Pear of rock candy of evaporate Chinese prickly ash coughs to treating cold the effect is very apparent.

Can cough eat laver

5, ginger piece

a ginger abluent flay, cut piece, go to when cough one is put aside in the mouth, cough stopped immediately. One eats again when voice is again urticant, one day eats twice, face in the evening before sleeping, eat, eat 3 times two again the following day, cough canNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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6, water of the turnip that boil

Cough of day of in succession number is more than, fall asleep hard in the evening, can buy a few Bai Luobo, every nightLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Half turnip is cut piece, boil with clear water, turnip, ripe hind give water filter with teacup or small bowl, wait forShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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A bit cold hind drink below. Cough can decrease. Drink a few days continuously, cough but heal.

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