[pumpkin belongs to vegetable] _ understands _ how to understand –

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[pumpkin belongs to vegetable] _ understands _ how to understand –

Article introduction

A lot of time in the life have classification, for instance fruit, vegetable, and some people mix some food easily the fruit is promiscuous. A lot of people had eaten pumpkin, this also is the commonner food in the life, nutrient value is very rich, a lot of people love to eat pumpkin, have certain sanitarian effect to the body, but also a lot of people still exist to the classification of pumpkin perplex or doubt, does that pumpkin belong to vegetable?

Does pumpkin belong to vegetable

1. pumpkin is vegetable

Pumpkin belongs to cucurbitaceous plant, a kind be vegetable crop. Mature pumpkin shows yellow or blackish green color, can use a fried dish, OK also evaporate is ripe make staple food, edible method is diversiform, taste pleasant is sweet. “Pumpkin ” one word can refer in particular to pumpkin to belong to medium, OK also generally refer to includes winter squash (call India pumpkin again) , north weighs pumpkin again, New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Pumpkin (call America pumpkin again) the other squash that waits inside is belonged to help advance somebody’s career kind. Among them former because producing area calls a law each differentForum of Shanghai noble baby

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, taiwan word calls golden melon, originate in North America formerly. By color cent can be divided mix for red of orange, orange, yellow, white, double color etc.

Does pumpkin belong to vegetable

2. pumpkin is the mankind helps advance somebody’s career one of older crop, crop the history ages ago, pumpkin is fought go against a gender strong, phyletic and various, suit1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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The gender is strong, district distributings wide, high yield is able to bear or endure lay aside, fructification appearance, size, character each different, fruit lubricious profusion is colorful. Mainland of pumpkin traceable America, include two genetic heartland, one is1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Mexico and in South America, its sort includes America pumpkin, China pumpkin, Mexico pumpkin, black seed pumpkin to wait; Another is South America, for the genetic ground of Indian pumpkin. The diversity of pumpkin origin and long-term and natural evolution reach artificial choice, formed pumpkin to plant group the diversity that the diversity, diversity that geography distributings and development use.

Does pumpkin belong to vegetable

3. pumpkin contains the part such as C of B of amylaceous, protein, carotene, vitamin, vitamin and calcium, phosphor, nutrition is rich, for rural person often the melon dish of edible, get increasingly the attention of urban person. Composition has chromic, nickel, fiber, protein, carotene, vitaminic A, amino acid (acid of ammonia of purine of Ba Jian of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Lu, gland, essence, melon ammonia acid, lucid asparagus element, much shrink defend candy) , mineral (potassium, phosphorFall in love with the sea

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Content, amylaceous, vitamin B1, B2, C, F.

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